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Why You Need to See HP’s New Tegra 4 Tablets

By HP Blog - Fri, Sep 20, 2013

Wasn’t too long ago I was extoling the virtues of the NVIDIA Tegra 4-fueled Slatebook x2. The Slatebook x2 – the best of laptop and tablet slammed together in a portable package was only the start. Today, we’re unleashing a number of new models including the Slate7 Extreme and Slate8 Pro. Both of which offer high-resolution screens and one feature that could make these awesome gaming devices for your house. More on that last part in a minute.

First, I want to introduce you to HP’s Richard Parry. We chatted for a few minutes about what Tegra 4 brings to the table with some of our latest tablets.

The Slate7 Extreme
This offers the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, but it has a lot of other cool technology as well. Cue Richard popping out a digitizer pen from the case. As he does that, the Slate7 Extreme instantly offers to open a couple apps that’d take advantage of it (like the notepad app). You can assign any apps you like to pop up.

The good thing is that it has active palm rejection. So, as we’re doing a quick test with it, he’s pressing his hand on the screen while writing nice things about me….and the pen overrides the screen detection. It also has really low latency so you can jot items, but that also makes it a great potential tool for photo editing or drawing. (Not that I can handle more than drawing stick figures, so I might pass on that test for now.) He then proceeded to open Chrome and lasso part of a Web page that he wanted to capture for later. All easy-to-do.

But obviously a big part of the story here is that Tegra 4 chip and what it enables. First off, it’s a graphics powerhouse that lets you queue up video on the 1280x800 pixel-screen. If that’s not enough for you, you could always just directly output the video to a TV with it. Yep, it’s got an HDMI out and in one test, we piped some gameplay straight to a TV. Then connected it with a Nyko gamepad via Bluetooth. Instant Console gaming!


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