Need for Speed: No Limits – Five Reasons to Tear Up Asphalt on SHIELD Tablet K1

By NVIDIA - Thu, Dec 10, 2015

Now available to download, Need for Speed: No Limits is a thrilling entry in EA’s longstanding arcade racing series that’s been visually overhauled for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1. Here are five major reasons why it’s worth checking out on SHIELD.

It lets you be a little bad

No Limits opens with a street race featuring a stolen car and subsequent police chase. For the most part your character can be seen as the good guy, racing against rival crews who aren’t always the most noble creatures, but in the end seeing as you’re taking part in high speed illegal street races, weaving in and out of the traffic and winding up the police, it’s fair to say this game is darkly thrilling.

It’s free

No Limits is free. If you own a supported Android device like SHIELD Tablet K1 you can download it right now and get racing. While in-app purchases are available, the career mode is suitably well structured so that if you’re prepared to do a bit of grinding to build up your resources you can race, tune and mod your way through to victory free of charge.

The racing is insane

Considering you don’t have a gas pedal (all you need to do is steer) being a successful driver requires quite a bit of skill. The secret is your nitrous meter. Swipe up to use your nitrous and you’ll be pushed back in your seat as you accelerate. It soon wears off though and only builds back up gradually. That is, unless you draft off other racers, drift in the corners and get air with jumps. By driving skillfully and employing all these methods your nitro builds up more quickly and you can deploy it more often.

The SHIELD version is awesome

NVIDIA has worked closely with the game’s developers to ensure that the SHIELD Tablet K1 version is the definitive No Limits experience. With multi-layer road effects, unique particle system, shadow-mapping exclusive to K1 and cinematic camera effects, it’s a visually stunning experience on SHIELD Tablet K1.

The cars, the cars!

Here’s another number for you… 30. That’s how many licensed supercars are included from BMW M4s, through Toyotas, Porsches, right up to the big boys including Ferrari, Koenigsegg CCX, McLaren 650s and a Lamborghini Aventador. Through smart racing, accumulating cash and shopping on the black market you can upgrade the cars in a variety of ways, modding the engine, gearbox, ECU and so on to squeeze the maximum performance out of them. It’s a car aficionado’s dream come true.

You can download Need for Speed: No Limits from Google Play today for free.

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