SoulCraft Brings Console-Style Gaming to Tegra

By John Gaudiosi & Rex Wong ( - Fri, Mar 25, 2011

German developer MobileBits is taking advantage of the dual-core processing power of NVIDIA® Tegra® 2 to deliver a console-style action game for the mobile market. Karsten Wysk, founder and CEO of MobileBits in Hamburg, Germany, talks about SoulCraft, its first entry in the next generation of mobile gaming.

Can you talk about your studio’s background in console gaming and why you decided to jump into the mobile space?

We have been making games since 1996. SoulCraft is our first game that we’ve designed using our Delta Engine. Delta Engine supports Android, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3, so we’ll bring out games for all of these platforms.

What’s the story in Soulcraft?

We’ve created an apocalyptic story that involves angles, demons and humans. Our big emphasis is bringing a console-style experience to the mobile platform. We offer an interesting story with a fun gameplay experience that has a unique twist.

Give us a sense of how easy it is to develop games on the Tegra platform?

The greatest stuff about the Tegra platform is that hardware-wise, it’s almost as powerful as a PC or as a typical console, so you don’t need to do everything different that you would do for older mobile devices. And the approach of the Delta Engine is that you develop the game on the PC and press a magic button and it works on all platforms.

What impact have you seen mobile gaming have on the game development community?

Tegra is making it easier for PC developers to continue working. They’re used to having a lot of polygons and using shaders and other technology that older mobile platforms couldn’t support. If you’re a PC developer or a Windows developer, then the switch going to the mobile Tegra devices is going to be easier because you don’t have to change things like you did with Java and other older technology.