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Middle Manager of Justice Hits TegraZone

By NVISION - Thu, Aug 15, 2013

Double Fine made a good first impression on Google Play with Dropchord, and fans should definitely get down on the studio's latest port.

Granted, Middle Manager of Justice definitely isn't anything new to mobile devices—it debuted worldwide on iOS back in December 2012—but the core gameplay is more than intact, with some new perks for its re-release.

Instead of donning a mask/cape combo and fighting supervillians, MMoJ tasks you with the equally-tough position of managing the heroes on the front lines, in a more human-resources-meets-justice-fighter role.

Starting from an empty office building, you'll work to make your headquarters a thriving hive for justice, hiring superheroes, training talent and micro-managing everyone's morale.

It's a pretty unique take on the simulation genre, making it easy to get invested in your team as you face escalating threat levels and monsters.

Plus, it's free to play, where Double Fine could've easily charged a dollar.

Go ahead and download it at Google Play—although the game's optimized for Tegra devices like the HTC One X lineup, you should be fine with most Android smartphones and tablets.


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