Benefits of Tegra according to Epic Games

By John Gaudiosi ( - Thu, Mar 10, 2011

Dr. Michael Capps, president of Epic Games, said it was NVIDIA® Tegra® technology that ultimately made the company jump into the mobile games business. Capps, speaking at the massive new headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, talks about the future of mobile gaming and the pivotal role Tegra technology will play in this exclusive interview.

What are your thoughts on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 technology and how it brings PC game technology to the portable space?

Tegra opened up a whole new vista for us in video games. We just never thought we could be in the mobile space. When we saw the specs on Tegra and started playing with the simulators, and suddenly we’re taking our games and importing them to Tegra. So that’s what got us thinking in that form factor.

What are the challenges when it comes to creating PC quality gaming experiences for the super phones and tablets that are going to be flooding the market this year?

I think for us, the challenge in making games for tablets and portable devices, it’s becoming about the interface, which is great. I’m not worried about, “Do I have the rendering through-put.” That’s exactly where I want NVIDIA to be, right? Now I’m just worried about, “How do I create the right experience for this user based on where they are and how much of a gameplay experience they want in their environment.”

How have you worked with NVIDIA when it comes to the Tegra 2 technology?

One of the fun things about being a very tech-forward game company, and a technology provider to so many hundreds of other teams (through Unreal Engine 3), is that they listen to us right away and we get early access. We’ve loved the relationship we’ve had with NVIDIA on products like Tegra, where early on they’re sending us boards and rough sketches.