Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Play It Now on NVIDIA SHIELD

By NVIDIA - Thu, Jan 7, 2016

Say hello to a new kind of Metal Gear hack and slash game, optimized for SHIELD Android TV.

Two signatures of the Metal Gear series are the complex storylines and spectacular cutscenes and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, now available on SHIELD Android TV, has both. As the story opens, we find the game’s main protagonist travelling through the peaceful streets of an unnamed African city in a limousine. Raiden is a member of a Private Military Company called Maverick Securities and their current assignment is to protect the country’s Prime Minister. Unfortunately a rival PMC attacks the vehicle and a blistering action scene plays out in which the assailants block the roads and brutally massacre everyone (apart from Raiden, of course) and attempt to kidnap the Prime Minister is a bid to destabilize the region. It’s at this point that Raiden steps up to take the battle to the enemy.

It’s a big, bold, bloody cinematic opener and sets the frenzied tone for the rest of the hack and slash game. And this is a very different action game from any of the others in the Metal Gear series.

Metal Gear Raiden hacks enemies with Zan-Datsu move

Fans of the franchise will be surprised by the fact that Revengeance is mostly action based eschewing the slow stealthy approach of the other games and instead focusing on intricate swordplay. Raiden’s main weapon is his high-frequency katana blade, an incredibly powerful and versatile tool that can cut through practically anything. In regular combat mode, it behaves like a conventional sword and is used in combination with Raiden’s repertoire of attacks, which include elegant sweeping leg kicks while blades protrude from his feet.

Metal Gear Raiden battles Metal Gear Ray

It gets even better though. It’s possible to enter blade mode at which point you enter a brief spell of bullet time during which you can cue up a series of vertical and horizontal slices and then watch as the result of your attack is played out and your foe’s now dismembered body falls to the floor in blood spattered pieces. It’s gloriously gruesome but serves more than just a cosmetic purpose. Using blade mode enables the player to target an enemy’s weak spots, strategically remove a threat and collect weapons and ammunition from them.

Metal Gear Raiden fights Blade Wolf

The katana can also be used to slice through parts of the scenery to perhaps remove an enemy’s cover or to cause a structure to come crashing down. In addition, defeating bosses also opens up more weapons for Raiden to use.

The action is relentless and on such a scale that it will leave you breathless. At various times you will see Raiden taking on a giant fire-spewing robot, battling on a moving train, fleeing from a hail of gunfire from a pursuing chopper and more unbelievably intense situations.

Metal Gear Raiden Slashes Cyborg

There are some more traditional Metal Gear moments too. The option to crawl around in a cardboard box to avoid detection makes a welcome appearance and there’s a stealth mode, which gives Raiden increased speed and the ability to ambush enemies rather than engaging in combat.

Metal Gear Raiden prepares to fight Metal Gear Excelsus

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is storytelling on a grand scale and with spectacular visuals rendered all the more striking thanks to the game being optimized for SHIELD Android TV and leveraging the power of the Tegra X1 processor under the hood. Download Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on SHIELD Android TV via Google Play for a special launch price of $14.99.

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