Difference Between Streaming Players and SHIELD?

By NVIDIA - Tue, Jan 5, 2016
Key differences between SHIELD and other streaming media players?

  • 34x faster
  • 64 bit CPU
  • More memory
  • More storage
  • Micro SD card slot
  • More USB ports Game controller included
  • HDMI cable included
  • Console-class games
  • 1080p cloud gaming

Consumers are rapidly adopting streaming media players that attach to their TVs. There are a lot of names for these devices:

  • streaming media device
  • streamer
  • streaming box
  • media streamer

Most are small devices that sit next to your TV, powered by lower-end processors, that let users stream content from sources like HBO, Netflix, Sling TV, Kodi or Plex. But one rises above: the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box.

SHIELD: More Powerful Than the Competition

SHIELD is the world’s first 4K resolution smart TV device. Powered by the world’s most advanced mobile processor, the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, it delivers performance that’s 34 times more powerful than Apple TV, 25 times better than Roku 4, and eight times better than Fire TV1.

SHIELD’s top performance makes navigating menus a fast, fluid experience. It also makes a difference when streaming all that visually rich content. With SHIELD streaming media player, you can stream video in up to 4K Ultra HD from sources like Netflix and YouTube. Legacy streaming players like Apple TV are stuck at 1080p.

Android: World’s Largest App Ecosystem

But that isn’t all. SHIELD is built on the Android TV platform, which means your TV is now connected to an open app store, delivering choices from the world’s largest android app ecosystem.

With SHIELD, you have the performance you need to drive the next generation of great apps built for your TV.

Google Play store on SHIELD Android TV

Great Gaming: From the Living Room

No living room entertainment device is complete without being able to play great games. Games are now the world’s largest entertainment medium, surpassing even movies.

SHIELD enables a new class of amazing games not previously possible on Android, with rich graphics and intense multiplayer action. You can also instantly stream popular PC games to your TV from the cloud with the NVIDIA’s game-streaming service, GeForce NOW.

In every way, SHIELD outclasses streaming players on the market today. It has advanced Google Voice Search and Voice Commands, 3GB of memory, 16GB or 500GB of storage (depending on model), Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and it even ships with a high-end game controller and an HDMI cable.

GeForce NOW on SHIELD Android TV

Consumers love their large HDTVs and SHIELD is for those who want the best gaming and streaming experience possible on their big screen. It is for consumers who desire the speed and power to play TV the way they want—every time.

If you have yet to take the leap, get your SHIELD today.

1 Measured with GFXBench T-Rex benchmark.

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