NVIDIA GameWorks and NVIDIA LightSpeed Studios Redefine Android Gaming

By NVIDIA - Fri, Nov 13, 2015
What solutions does NVIDIA GameWorks provide?

  • VisualFX
  • Physics
  • Core SDK
  • OptiX For Games
  • Sample Code

The time-tested truth "content is king" is easy to say. With NVIDIA GameWorks and NVIDIA LightSpeed Studios, we’re using a great processor as the foundation on which to build amazing Android gaming experiences.

With the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box, we bring high performance to both entertainment and gaming on Android. Featuring our powerful Tegra X1 processor and gamer-grade design, SHIELD provides high-quality, high-fidelity gaming experiences that serious gamers demand.

NVIDIA GameWorks Comes to Android

NVIDIA GameWorks is the world’s largest and most advanced library of developer tools and visual gaming computing technologies for game development.

It’s also the name of a 350+ strong team of world-class engineers and artists at NVIDIA who partner with game developers to create the most amazing gaming experiences possible. For years they’ve worked side by side with the finest game developers in the industry to solve the hardest and most important problems in gaming.

We’ve expanded NVIDIA GameWorks to the Android platform with recent release of NVIDIA AndroidWorks. With both, we build and deliver powerful technologies to ensure gamers get awesome gaming experiences.

NVIDIA LightSpeed Studios

We’ve also recently formed a new team, NVIDIA LightSpeed Studios, whose mission is to remaster and remake classic PC games and bring them to Android for billions of people to enjoy.

We enhance these beloved games as we remaster them by increasing visual fidelity and introducing new features not in the original, such as higher resolutions, anti-aliasing, cloud save, and more.

LightSpeed Studios' first releases were:

Expect to enjoy more Android game titles, including:

Start your Android TV gaming experience today with NVIDIA SHIELD.

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