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Kingdom Rush Origins Developer Interview

By Patrick Shaw - Wed, Dec 3, 2014

Originally released as a free browser-based video game back in 2011, the Kingdom Rush franchise has since exploded in popularity leading to the original game launching on multiple platforms.

Kingdom Rush’s addictive, tower-defense-style gameplay and vibrant fantasy world has also spawned two sequels, with Kingdom Rush Origins, the latest game in the series, now hitting Android-based devices including the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet.

Alvaro Azofra, game designer and co-founder of Iron Hide Game Studio, tells NVISION what players can look forward to in Kingdom Rush Origins and explains what he believes to be the magic behind Kingdom Rush’s success.

“[I]t’s a great mix of things that all are universally appealing,”Azofra says. “A great balance between action, strategy, fantasy and even a little silliness and humor.”

As Azofra explains, Kingdom Rush’s lighthearted yet intense gameplay is what they wanted to establish in the series from the very beginning—an idea they’re building on with Kingdom Rush Origins.

“It’s a bigger, faster and meaner beast,” Azofra says when describing the new game. “Everything in Kingdom Rush Origins is improved, from the art to the game mechanics, enemies, towers, hero skills and player spells.”

One of the key features present in the new game are the hero spells. Every hero in the game can unlock a third power, which impacts how players actually approach each stage. As Azofra notes, there’s also a wealth of new tower types and abilities that come in handy when taking on Origins’ deadlier enemies.

Kingdom Rush’s passionate community of players has been instrumental in guiding the creative direction of the new game, too. Azofra reveals how Iron Hide Game Studio is constantly looking to players for feedback on new areas to explore with the series.

“Our fans are our most valued source of information and we are always looking for their feedback to improve on what they liked and either fix or drop what they didn’t like,” he says. “We are very aware of their suggestions and try to implement them in the game while at the same time add some surprises in the mix.”

In addition to its robust assortment of new gameplay features, Kingdom Rush Origins’ visuals have also been enhanced.

“All of the game graphics have been overhauled, from the interface to the characters and enemies,” Azofra tells us. “Everything is more detailed and with better and unique animations, stages are very vivid and have a lot of new custom special effects.”

While Kingdom Rush Origins is designed to run smoothly on a range of both high and low-end devices, Azofra points out that the game plays great on the SHIELD tablet.

“Players on an NVIDIA SHIELD tablet will experience the best performance and visuals since the game runs perfectly there,” he says.

He stresses that this is Iron Hide Game Studio’s most polished Kingdom Rush to date and the culmination of new ideas from the developer’s growing team.

“We are very proud to launch [Kingdom Rush Origins] and hope players love it as much as we loved making it.”


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