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Major Content Update Headed to Hitman Go

By Patrick Shaw - Tue, Jul 8, 2014

Square Enix Montreal announced that it is releasing a new update packed with fresh content for Hitman Go, the mobile-exclusive installment in the longstanding stealth-based action series.

The most exciting thing included in the upcoming pack are its brand new missions. Set within an airport setting, 15 playable missions will be added to Hitman Go once the update goes live.

Additionally, the update will feature a civilian mode that allows players to avoid being detected until their initial kill, new high alert guards that can monitor two lines at once, the ability to skip a turn and automated walkways.

In order to unlock the new missions, players must either complete 120 mission objectives in Hitman Go. Or, if you are just eager to jump right into the new airport levels you can instantly unlock them all for $0.99.

The developer hasn’t confirmed an exact Android release date for Hitman Go’s forthcoming update, but it did promise that it will arrive soon.


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