Two New Games Now Featured in TegraZone

By Alfred Chew - Wed, Jun 27, 2012

While not everyone has access to all the great content being shown at Google I/O, two hot new TegraZone games have launched on Google Play, Heroes Call THD and Puddle THD.

Featuring incredible graphics with deep RPG leveling and gear, Heroes Call THD brings dungeon crawling action and adventure to Tegra-powered devices as it's never been seen before. The game really shines with Tegra 3 optimizations including enhanced visual particle effects, dynamic player lighting, enhanced ragdoll physics and variable distance cameras.

Fight your way through more than 30 lush dungeons, collect gear, learn new skills and uncover the secrets of Brineside featuring incredible graphics and deep RPG leveling and gear. Brineside is a city under siege, beset with dangers from outside, within and below. The Adventurers Guild is in dire need of new Heroes. Will you answer the call?

Winner at the Independent Games Festival 2010, Puddle THD is now available exclusively on mobile devices using Tegra 3 technology. A game unlike any other, you have to guide a puddle of fluid by tilting the environment to the left or right! Puddle THD harnesses the power of the Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1 quad-core mobile processor to produce an unprecedented realistic physics-based gaming experience.

Navigate carefully while taking friction, gravity and temperature into account, and by using the unique properties of each type of fluid – water, oil, nitroglycerin and molten lava – in a range of original environments. Conserve as much fluid as possible when crossing a variety of obstacles such as burning passageways, carnivorous plants and electric currents!

To purchase and learn more about these two great new games, click the GAMES tab and select Heroes Call THD or Puddle THD from the list.