Vendetta Online Video Walkthrough and Interview

By John Gaudiosi & Rex Wong ( - Tue, Apr 19, 2011

John Bergman, lead developer of Vendetta Online from Guild Software, discusses what the NVIDIA® Tegra® chip has enabled his team to do in this exclusive interview.

How does cross-platform gaming work for Vendetta Online for people that are playing this game on mobile, Mac or PC?
For Vendetta Online, all of the different platforms connect to a single game universe, so somebody on PC, Mac, or Linux can all play together. Android is joining the same family and everybody will be able to play together within the same galaxy. We’ve even added voice chat across platforms, so the experience is very unified.

How easy is it to take a game that exists on a PC and transfer it over to the Tegra platform?
The initial port for us took about a week to get things up and running just on a baseline level. Since then, there has been a certain amount of work that’s gone into optimization and improvements of the game in terms of user interface changes to make things a little bit easier on a tablet versus on a PC, where you can guarantee a keyboard and mouse interface.

From a big picture perspective, what role do you see mobile devices having on games moving forward?
I think it’s going to have a defining impact. With Tegra, it’s now possible to get a console experience and put it in your pocket. Things are only going to explode from here in terms of the type of content available, and the quality of the content. We’re going to see game developers tie in more multiplayer and location-based aspects into future games that have never really been possible before.