Vendetta Online Opens Cross Platform Space Exploration

By John Gaudiosi & Rex Wong ( - Tue, Apr 12, 2011
NVIDIA® Tegra® technology is allowing game developers like Guild Software to introduce mobile gamers to cross platform experiences. Vendetta Online is the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing game (RPG) that’s been built to allow gamers to enter the science fiction universe from multiple platforms, including Tegra devices, Mac, Windows and Linux computers.

"Tegra gamers will be playing against anybody else who has the same game," said John Bergman, CEO of Guild Software and executive producer of Vendetta Online. "This includes Mac, Linux and Windows users. All of our players interact within the same game universe and all platforms access exactly the same game. We're very excited that people will be able to play on their desktop at home, for instance, and then get on a public transportation system with their little tablet, log into their exact same game, log into their character, talk to their friends, and interact with the game as they go to work."

Since it launched in 2004, Vendetta Online has been giving players the chance to evolve their character through a variety of different paths, including peaceful traders, military pilot, hired guard and space pirate. Bergman sees Tegra as a new avenue for game studios to reach a large audience that spans far beyond the PC gaming core.

"I think Tegra is a really compelling platform," said Bergman. "This is really the first case that I have seen of a device of this size and battery life, being able to produce this kind of gaming experience, whether it’s for online games or otherwise. I think there's a tremendous potential for all gameplay types, whether it’s existing games or the newer augmented reality titles that are coming out and that will be possible with this platform. Developers have not previously been able to do these types of games with any device of this size."