Grudge Match Returns As Mobile Game

By John Gaudiosi ( - Thu, Mar 19, 2015

Based on the 1991 Grudge Match television show, the free mobile Grudge Match Sports game is being created under the direction of Dave Young. Each Grudge Match will have three, one-minute rounds, with thirty seconds of trash talking before and after the game. Players will be able to create personas or be themselves, dress their game players in heroic or outrageous costumes, pick their weapons and/or abilities, select one of the stylized play arenas, and head off to settle their dispute electronically. If players do not have a dispute or disagreement with anyone, the game will instantly match them with someone with whom they disagree. A Rules Committee – officiated by players & Grudge Match Sports -- will govern the core game.

Grudge Match television will be spearheaded by Grudge Match's original director, Bob Dunphy, a veteran boxing and MMA director, and Melcombe. Grudge Match TV will feature real people -- amateurs with real grudges – fighting hand-to-hand combat, or with weapons, to settle their disputes. Incorporated into every television show will be two to three video game matches featuring the best Grudge Match game players.

A cross between Steam and Twitch, Grudge Match Universe will be Grudge Match's streaming platform. Universe will be built in Germany by MetaDesign AG.

What makes Grudge Match Sports different from any other eSport is that the game is built around topical competitions, and the gameplay is less than four minutes per competition. Once players bring their passion into the game, they have a personal stake in the outcome.

The game will be fully automated, and once players reach certain thresholds, they will be rewarded. Gamers who tap our “professional level” will automatically trigger sponsorship dollars and be guaranteed tournament money. They will have access to some of the best media marketing minds, who will help them build their own, distinctive brand.

Grudge Match Sports officially launches this August. Developer versions of the Grudge Match game will be available between now and March, and the first release of the game will be in early May. Universe is scheduled to go online in July.