SHIELD Game Spotlight: Game of Thrones

By John Gaudiosi ( - Mon, Apr 6, 2015

Step into the world of the HBO series with Game of Thrones the adventure game. The game puts you in the role of three different characters, all belonging to House Forrester, a small noble house that have been longtime bannermen to the Starks of Winterfell. When the political winds shift, and both the Forrester lord and oldest son are killed, the remaining household members are trapped in a struggle to survive as the seven kingdoms tear each other apart in a war for power.

This six-part series begins with an episode titled "Iron From Ice." It starts by putting you in the role of Gared, a squire who must balance between preserving the house's sense of honor and seeking out personal justice. The point of view later shifts to Ethan Forrester, a young boy who suddenly becomes lord. He must quickly grow up to take on overwhelming challenges and responsibilities. The final point of view is through the eyes of Mira Forrester, a handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell, who is trapped at King's Landing. She has no experience in politics, but must quickly learn to play a game of intrigue in order to protect both herself and her family.

Choices matter in Game of Thrones, and your actions will not only impact the immediate episode, but may have consequences that will resonate across the series. What you say, what you do, and who you trust will all have meaningful outcomes, so be careful when you tread through this world of violence and intrigue.

Although Game of Thrones is developed for multiple systems, including the PC, Mac, and gaming consoles, tablets might be the ideal platform for much of its gameplay. Players can quickly tap on targets for combat, while dodging hazards is as simple as swiping your finger across the screen. The graphics are also top notch, featuring a fantastic art design that makes it feel as though you're playing a watercolor painting. Not to mention, great performances from actors like Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage, who both voice their characters Cersei and Tyrion Lannister from the television show.

Developed in coordination with HBO, Game of Thrones turns you into an active participant in the story. The Forresters are caught up in a whirlwind of chaos and bloodshed, and it's all they can do to weather the storm. Every move a character makes could be his or her last. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. However, when you're just a pawn in the game, winning means simply surviving to see a new day.