Your Google Assistant Keeps Getting Better on SHIELD TV

By NVIDIA - Mon, Jan 22, 2018

It’s already pretty cool to just sit down on your couch, say “Ok Google, play Stranger Things 2”, and have SHIELD instantly start playing right where you left off--all  without picking up your remote. ,But that’s just the beginning of what Google Assistant on SHIELD TV can do you.

Since its initial debut on SHIELD TV, Vudu, Plex, and Kodi (v18) have added Google Assistant support, joining other top apps like Netflix and HBO Now.

Slick Google Assistant Voice Commands

Waiting for your significant other to join you on the couch? Try “OK Google, broadcast that it’s time to watch TV” and hear all your Google Home and Google Mini devices around your home announce, “The show’s about to start!

Someone at your door? Just say, “Hey Google, show me my front door camera on SHIELD” and instantly see your Nest or Logitech Circle camera on the big screen.

Your Google Assistant Keeps Getting Better on SHIELD TV

Works with More Than 1,000 Smart Home Devices

SHIELD TV with Google Assistant now works with tons of smart home devices from more than 150 brands.

Feeling a little cold? Ecobee Thermostats have recently added Google Assistant support, joining Nest Thermostats. Simply say “Ok Google, make my home warmer.”

LG SmartThinQ appliances also work with your Google Assistant on SHIELD, so you can control your appliances with your voice. Just say “Ask LG to stop the dryer”.

All of this without leaving your couch! Your days are busy enough, so sit back and relax; let SHIELD do the. Don’t have a SHIELD yet? Now’s a great time to check out the latest deals.