Indie Cult-Hit Goat Simulator Migrates to Mobile

By NVISION - Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Originally developed by Swedish studio Coffee Stain Games as a tongue-in-cheek prototype for a game jam competition, Goat Simulator's absurd premise helped draw the attention of gamers around the Internet and eventually Valve as it was made into a full-blown game released on Steam.

As its name implies, Goat Simulator puts you in control of a goat as it explores its surroundings in a physics-based adventure, which includes licking objects and occasionally getting struck by incoming traffic.

While beyond bizarre and rather buggy, the game provides some genuine entertainment value if you don't take it too seriously.

Now mobile gamers will be able to partake in the madness that is Goat Simulator as the game is officially launching on Android. The developer took to Twitter this week to announce the news of the game's upcoming mobile version.

Coffee Stain Games hasn't announced an official launch date or price for Goat Simulator's mobile release, but the PC version is currently available to purchase on Steam for $9.99.