Ghul Blends Past And Present 1001 Arabian Nights Mythology

By John Gaudiosi ( - Fri, Jan 17, 2014

Independent game developer and publisher Maysalward offers a different take on classic literature. The game maker has unleashed Ghul on the Google Play app store. Developed in a collaboration with Dreamstone Entertainment, this fast-paced Wipeout-inspired free game is set in 2024.

A highly sensitive US army extra-terrestrial unit finds a sarcophagus dated thousands of years ago in the Middle East. The head of the operation is Officer Jett, who flies in the sarcophagus to be examined at the infamous Area X located deep beneath the Nevada desert. But the experiment goes chaotically wrong. A supersonic evolution occurs inside the laboratory, allowing extraterrestrial beings to enter our world, and as an appetizer, they wipe out most of the army. A race against time ensues for Jett to navigate through a labyrinth style bunker over 50 floors deep under the Nevada wasteland.

The game boasts great graphics, intuitive controls, scary monsters and endless hours of fun. The story taps into the original 1001 Arabian Nights mythology, but offers a very different take on things. A comic book and movie is also in the works, and further details will be announced soon.