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Kabam Brings Popular Chinese Game To Global Gaming Audience

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Tue, Apr 29, 2014

Kabam will release Game Reign Network’s Gong Chen Lue Di (GCLD) globally in English across Web and mobile platforms. GCLD is the most popular strategy game in China, allowing players to build armies, amass resources and send formations to wage war against one another in a quest to build the ultimate kingdom.

In addition to translating GCLD into English, Kabam will apply its global gaming expertise to adjust the look and feel of the game to appeal to Western audiences, as well as run operations of this new version.

“GCLD is an amazing game that augments Kabam’s strategy of finding and publishing top tier titles,” said Amit Ranade, president of Kabam Distribution, the unit that manages Kabam Publishing. “Game Reign Network has a fantastic history of creating wholly original game experiences, and we enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to partner with them to expandGCLD’s rich gameplay to North America.”

“Kabam is a leader when it comes to bringing hit Chinese games to North America,” said Jing Jin, vice president of Game Reign Network. “We wanted to make sure everyone can experience the rich, immersive gameplay of GCLD and Kabam was the ideal partner to make that a reality.”

Kabam’s agreement with Game Reign is the latest partnership from the $50 million Kabam WorldWide Developer Fund, which enables third-party game developers in China, Japan and South Korea to take advantage of Kabam’s industry-leading monetization and marketing expertise to expand their games to North American and European markets.  In less than a year of announcing the Fund, Kabam has secured partnerships with 23 developers, producing 30 titles.  These games span six genres and are currently played by Kabam customers in 90 countries.  Kabam will have invested the entirety of the WorldWide Developer Fund by mid-2014 and, as a result, expects to generate $175 million to $200 million in revenues from published third party titles this year. 


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