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Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Racer Revealed for Android

By Patrick Shaw - Thu, Jun 12, 2014

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, a high-definition remake of the motorcycle racing mini game featured in Final Fantasy VII, is currently being developed exclusively for mobile devices.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike puts players in the seat of Cloud Strife's futuristic Fenrir motorcycle in a fast-paced gameplay experience that combines racing, combat, and role-playing elements.

The game will also boast deep character customization, item collecting and the opportunity to upgrade your stats.

Its visuals are dramatically superior to those featured in the game released back in 1997 as they are designed to take advantage of the processing power of modern mobile devices.

Square Enix has not announced an official launch date for Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, but it promises to share more details on its forthcoming release via its social networking channels soon.


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