Android Users Prefer Apps Over Web

By John Gaudiosi ( - Thu, Sep 1, 2011

When consumers use their mobile phones to check the news, weather, email, or their social networks, they often have a choice between the mobile web version or a specially-created mobile app. They’re overwhelmingly choosing apps.

According to new research from Nielsen Smartphone Analytics, a new effort that tracks and analyzes data from on-device meters installed on thousands of Android smartphones, the average Android consumer in the U.S. spends 56 minutes per day actively interacting with the web and apps on their phone. Of that time, two-thirds is spent on mobile apps while one-third is spent on the mobile web.

“Perhaps more surprising, despite the hundreds of thousands of apps available for Android, a very small proportion of apps make up the vast majority of time spent,” said Don Kellogg, Director, Telecom Research & Insights, Nielsen. “In fact, the top 10 Android apps account for 43 percent of all the time spent by Android consumers on mobile apps. The top 50 apps account for 61 percent of all time spent. With 250,000+ Android apps available at the time of this writing, that means the remaining 249,950+ apps have to compete for the remaining 39 percent of the pie.”

At the same time, smartphones continue to grow in popularity. According to Nielsen research in the U.S., over 38 percent of Americans now own smartphones. And 55 percent of those who purchased a new handset in the past three months reported buying a smartphone instead of a feature phone, up from 34 percent just a year ago.

Android continues to be the most popular smartphone operating system, with 38 percent of smartphone consumers owning Android devices. Android also leads among those who recently purchased a new smartphone.

Consumers with Android exhibit data-intensive usage. Seventy-four percent of Android smartphone owners report having downloaded apps in the past 30 days. Forty-three percent of Android owners say they streamed online music or mobile radio in the past 30 days. Thirty-five percent of Android smartphone consumers report having watched video or mobile TV in the past 30 days.

All of this consumption, especially with video streaming, is good news for NVIDIA. Consumers who own a Tegra 2-enabled device will be able to multitask and get blazing speeds with video streaming, music, gaming, and other functionality.