NVISION: Create Games Without Any Coding Knowledge

By NVISION - Tue, May 29, 2012

Not everyone who wants to make a game has the time to learn a complex programming language, but that doesn’t mean those creative individuals have to give up the dream. There are other options, including the GameSalad Creator game creation platform from GameSalad Inc. The company announced this week that the Windows beta is now accepting signups:

GameSalad Creator is already available on iOS, Android and HTML5. The tool allows for the development, publication and distribution of games on a variety of platforms. There’s no coding required, and the tool is available as a free download (though you’ll need to pay $299 for a Pro upgrade if you want to add features that are popular on various platforms).

“Since we launched at SXSW in 2009, GameSalad has witnessed incredible growth,” the company’s CEO Steve Felter announced. “Initially, we introduced GameSalad Creator to Mac users, empowering them to easily create and publish iPhone and iPad games without the need to code. We’ve since added publishing to Android and HTML5 platforms, making cross-platform development as simple as clicking a button. Today, we answer the requests of thousands of game developers who’ve asked us to bring this remarkable platform to Windows users.”

A number of games have already been developed using GameSalad, including Hobo with a Shotgun (Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas) and Gravonaut (Nexus Game Studio). In fact, GameSalad claims that 60,000 original titles have utilized the GameSalad Creator since its debut.

Those who are serious about designing advanced projects should probably view GameSalad as a starting point rather than a comprehensive tool, but a welcoming entry point should lead to more options for gamers and amateur developers alike. Its impending wide availability on the Windows platform is an important next step for the GameSalad Creator.

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