Fields Of Battle Takes Aim At Android Devices

By John Gaudiosi ( - Thu, Apr 17, 2014

Super X Studios has released Fields of Battle on Android. Taking advantage of intuitive motion and gesture controls that mobile devices now provide has brought a truly immersive experience to this latest game in the Greg Hastings Paintball game franchise. Greg and Super X Studios creatively maintain the authenticity of the sport of paintball, which has millions of fans worldwide, and added a touch of gaming fun factor to make this a truly compelling first-person shooter game. Continuing to innovate, Fields of Battle now brings console-level simulation to mobile gaming with realistic soft-body bunker physics.

Combining Greg Hastings’ 27 years of paintball experience, with his and Super X Studios innovations in development, Fields of Battle is the real deal when it comes to family friendly paintball combat. Whether a paintball player or a first-person shooter fan, Fields of Battle satisfies any player’s desire to blast the competition. With ground-breaking motion and gesture based controls including sliding, diving, leaning out from cover, throwing grenades, and more, Fields of Battle takes the mobile shooter experience to the next level.

This shooter features one hit, one elimination gameplay. Players manage their gear, use cover, adjust for wind, and angle the shots. There’s no auto-aim. Instant leader-boards let participants play locally, but compete globally. Players compete in real-time against dozens of other players as they battle neck-and-neck for the high score in ever-changing events.

The free-to-play game allows players to participate in a persistent online competitive world that is constantly changing. Gamers can compete in live online events against dozens of other players in real time at 60 real and fantasy locations all over the world. The game includes an arsenal of customizable weaponry, including automatic, burst mode, mag-fed, MilSim, and Speedball markers and paint grenades.