Family Guy Pinball Adds Laughs To Android TV

By John Gaudiosi ( - Tue, Sep 22, 2015

Gamers already have a great mobile Family Guy game from Fox Interactive in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Now mobile and Android TV gamers will be able to add pinball to the mix. Zen Studios is adding a Family Guy table to its bestselling Zen Pinball digital platform. Zen Pinball’s Steven Hopper talks about the new game in this exclusive interview from San Diego Comic Con, where the table made its world premiere.

What were your goals heading into this new pinball table?

We wanted to create an experience that was really true to the Family Guy show. We wanted something that fans would definitely be able to pick up on and get every single joke within the table, and have a good time playing it. It’s something that we really tried to do with Zen Pinball on Android. We wanted to create a really exciting digital pinball experience that people will love.

Is there a storyline in this pinball game?

The storyline follows the exploits of the Griffin family in Quahog, as well as a bunch of other characters from the show that live in the town. We have a lot of characters that people love from the TV show in this game.

How do you feel you’re pushing things forward with this new pinball table?

We’re really trying to work with quality and give people an amazing pinball experience, while also being completely true to the Family Guy TV show. We’re always continuing to update our physics and really make sure the experience is amazing and accurate to pinball, while creating something that you just can’t get on a real physical table.

Can you talk about the gameplay experience?

If you’re familiar with our Zen Pinball games then you know what to expect. We have really up-to-date physics, amazing graphics and all kinds of stuff happening on the table at any time. It’s a really in-depth and super fun and addictive digital pinball game.

How has NVIDIA helped you develop these games?

We’ve been working really closely with NVIDIA. They’re a wonderful partner for us. We’ve worked with them on our Android version of the game for a very long time, so they provided us with the means and the technology to really bring out the best look that this table can have on mobile.

What are your thoughts on Android’s evolution as a platform?

Android continues to blossom and evolve, and it’s absolutely phenomenal. It grows by leaps and bounds, moreso than just about any other platform that you can think of. So we’re expecting more great things to come out of it really quickly.

What excites you about Android TV?

I really love the way the Google ecosystem that they’ve built with Android TV. It’s very clean and everything works together in a very perfect way. Bringing that into a couch experience is really wonderful.

What impact do you think NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV will have within the gaming ecosystem itself?

I’m hoping it has some really great implications. Our game works on an enhanced mode so it rivals anything you see on any other console. If you were playing the game on your PlayStation 4, it would look just about the same if you were playing it through the SHIELD Android TV platform.

What do you see the NVIDIA SHIELD concept opening up for game developers moving forward?

It definitely will help bring that parity of a console experience, where you have beautiful graphics and everything is state-of-the-art looking. Gamers will see that and move over to the mobile platform in a way that we haven’t seen before. It will continue to grow and blossom and look better when you play on the mobile platform.

What impact has Tegra X1 technology had on the gameplay experience Android TV users will have?

It’s definitely bringing that state-of-the-art graphical look that’s really emulating what we’ve been able to achieve on consoles and PC into the mobile field.