Play Fallout Shelter on NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1!

By NVIDIA - Tue, Dec 22, 2015

Buy a new NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 and you can experience an immersive and extremely addicting mobile game set within Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic world, Fallout Shelter.

1. You Get Free Stuff

To celebrate the launch of Android Marshmallow, we're giving away a special gift exclusively for SHIELD Tablet K1 owners: A FREE Bundle of 5 Lunchboxes to the first 50,000 players. Lunchbox Packs contain 4 Fallout Shelter cards, each with at least one guaranteed rare or better, and can include in-game currency, consumables and more. Redeem here and learn more this simulation game.

2. It’s Fallout

Bethesda’s (and formerly Interplay’s) series of post-apocalyptic role-playing games have been delighting fans for 18 years now. The combination of 1950s era paranoia and technological aspiration mixed with more modern technologies give the games a unique style and atmosphere. While the major series released on computers and consoles focus on survival in the barren wasteland left behind long after a nuclear attack, Fallout Shelter focuses on what happens in an underground bunker in the immediate aftermath of a detonation.

3. You Get to Play God

Not literally, perhaps, but you do get to play the part of an overseer who is essentially the person in charge of a subterranean fallout shelter and is tasked with providing sanctuary to civilians who have been left homeless by the nuclear war. At the beginning of each game you are given a basic shelter and it’s your job to build new rooms of various types in order to service the needs of the people under your care. Building options include living quarters, diners, power plants, water treatment rooms, gymnasiums and radio studios among others, all of which can be utilized to provide your civilians with food, water, health and happiness.

4. It’s Tiny Tower Meets Fallout

The victims of the nuclear attack are tiny and as a result utterly adorable, making your task of looking after them all the more enjoyable. There is a constant trickle of people turning up outside the shelter looking for help. As overseer you need to look at their individual abilities so that you can ascertain where they would be best suited to work. Then you simply drag and drop them into an appropriate room (be that a power plant, diner or whatever) and they will start generating resources. Part of the overall aim is to grow your population with a view to repopulating the world when it’s safe to go back outside. As more people arrive at the shelter, you can unlock more rooms and expand your underground society.

5. It’s The Game That Keeps On Giving

Every now and then Fallout Shelter’s developers sneak in bonus features. As part of the regular gameplay, the overseer has to arm his people in order to achieve two aims. One is to send them out into the wasteland to retrieve important items. The other is to defend the shelter from raiders. In the original build of the game the raiders merely stole resources from the shelter, but in an update they were given the ability to steal bottle caps, the in-game currency of Fallout. Also, at various stages, characters from Fallout 4, weapons, new enemies and a robot butler have been added to the game.

6. It Looks Amazing

Despite the fact that everything is built on a tiny scale, Fallout Shelter looks gorgeous. The tiny dwellers are beautifully animated and full of character and the various rooms are packed with detail including spot animations and lighting effects that really bring the place to life. The fact that the game is optimized for SHIELD Tablet K1 and takes advantage of its crisp HD screen also helps make this an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Get Fallout Shelter now on NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 for free via Google Play.

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