Persian Mythology-Inspired Epic of Kings Launching on Tegra K1

By Patrick Shaw - Wed, Oct 8, 2014

Developed by Dead Mage, Epic of Kings is third-person action adventure inspired by Persian epics including the poem of Shahnameh, or The Book of Kings, written during the 10th century.

In Epic of Kings, players are cast as a battle hardened mercenary in a journey that takes place after the first war of the deities throws the lands of Khunirath into absolute chaos.

As the developer explained, Epic of Kings’ protagonist was once a feared warrior part of the army of light, but is now searching for a new sense of purpose in the treacherous, war-torn world of Khunirath.

The game’s mythology-based storyline unfolds through cinematic sequences. Dead Mage noted that the game’s visuals—including everything from the fantasy realm of Khunirath to the effects-rich third-person combat—have been specifically enhanced for NVIDIA Tegra K1-powered devices such as the SHIELD Tablet.

“When Tegra K1 was introduced, we realized we can take advantage of its graphical power, and have effects that Unreal Engine 4 was supporting on mobile,” said Puya Dadgar, Senior Gameplay Engineer at Dead Mage, adding that this also required some balancing to get the game to perform optimally on lower-end mobile devices, too.

Advanced visual effects in Epic of Kings made possible by Tegra K1 include blur, depth of field, real-time reflections, high-dynamic-range rendering (HDR) and multiple complex particles running at the same time without any major performance hit.

Combat is at the heart of Epic of Kings as the game heavily emphasizes both hand-to-hand and weapon-based fighting against aggressors of all sizes. This includes towering boss type enemies that are tougher to slay than the average human-sized foe.

“[T]hat’s the core of our gameplay.” Dadgar said. “We have worked hard to have enjoyable combat. Something that can satisfy players like they are playing a console game.”

Dadgar added that this isn’t the only type of gameplay featured in Epic of Kings. “As you may have seen in the trailer, there is pursuit-based gameplay, different combat with monster and dragon enemies, tag team combat, quick time events, flying creatures, and more.”

While Epic of Kings still has months of development time ahead of it before the final version releases, the game is already shaping up to be a promising action experience worth keeping an eye out for. You can get a taste of the game’s gripping third-person action in its official gameplay trailer above.

Epic of Kings is currently slated to arrive on TegraZone and the SHIELD Hub in the first quarter of 2015.