Epic Games Ray Davis Talks NVIDIA Tegra K1 Tech

By John Gaudiosi ( - Mon, May 5, 2014

Epic Games has been a long-time partner of NVIDIA technology. The independent game developer has unveiled its new monthly subscription business model for Unreal Engine 4. Ray Davis, general manager at Epic Games, talks about the implications Tegra K1 technology will have on the game development community via Unreal Engine 4 in this exclusive interview.

What do you feel NVIDIA Tegra K1 technology opens up for video games?
We’ve been incredibly impressed with NVIDIA’s K1 and what they’ve done with bringing Unreal Engine 4 to that platform. The level of immersive graphics and real estate rendering that we’re able to accomplish is really going to be huge for developers in the games that we see.

What are the cross-platform capabilities for Unreal Engine 4 that are now possible for the mobile space as a result of K1?
We’re very excited to see where NVIDIA takes the GPU and the devices that are made with it, especially as they’ve done a lot of emphasis on the developer ecosystem. Ultimately, it will make it even easier for developers to work on the Android.

What are your thoughts about how quickly the mobile space has evolved?
Unreal Engine 3 was being used on Tegra 4 and we’re jumping all the way to Unreal Engine 4 with K1. What these devices are capable of seems to be growing exponentially. It’s quite impressive. And as a gamer first and foremost, that’s pretty exciting being able to have these high quality experiences anywhere you go.

What does that open up for the large number of developers that are out there licensing or working under your new business model with the Unreal Engine 4 to now have mobile as a viable platform?
We were excited that in our announcement of the Unreal Engine 4 subscription model that Android is included. We have the great demos of Tegra and their devices and it’s accessible to anybody today on, where you can get access.

How does Epic work with NVIDIA on Tegra technology?
NVIDIA has been a long-time partner of Epic and we have a very close relationship with them. Their engineers and our engineers are in constant communication, whether we’re visiting them or they’re visiting us, and also through email. It’s obviously been great.