Epic Games Believes the Future Lies in Mobile

By NVISION - Thu, Aug 23, 2012

At a Game Developers Conference keynote, Epic Games’ Niklas Smedberg discussed the rise of mobile gaming -- and how it’s well on its way to start legitimately competing with consoles.

As reported on by GameSpot, Smedberg even went one step further in extolling the virtues of mobile by saying that the platform is becoming the new PC. Soon, Smedberg explained, tablets and smartphones equipped for gaming purposes will have scalable graphics options like PC and generally more customization options for core gamers who want to get the best visual fidelity out of their mobile device.

And as the publisher behind such graphically groundbreaking mobile experiences like the Infinity Blade series, we’re inclined to believe that Epic probably knows at least a little bit about what it’s talking about.

“In some regards, mobile is way better than console,” Smedberg said. “There's way more memory, which allows for much higher texture resolutions.”

That’s quite a bold claim, but according to Smedberg, the “God Rays” lighting effect used in a number of Epic’s titles including its flagship Gears of War series ended up looking better when applied to mobile platforms like Infinity Blade.

Smedberg, however, pointed out that while mobile processing power is growing at an incredible rate, it’s something that is gradually going to become even more dominant in the marketplace. He added that companies like NVIDIA will undoubtedly be leading the charge in mobile’s growth in the industry.

“On console we were doing 720p,” Smedberg explained and went on to mention that on mobile platforms the company is actually able to achieve “crazy resolutions.”