Dungeon Defenders Walkthrough: The Console Experience on Tegra

By John Gaudiosi & Rex Wong ( - Tue, Apr 19, 2011

Independent game developer Trendy Entertainment has been able to create a game that offers the same rich four-player experience regardless of whether a player is engaging in the action from a PC, console, or NVIDIA® Tegra® device. And since first showing the game at NVIDIA’s E3 booth, Trendy Entertainment has been fine-tuning the game to ensure that the Tegra version looks and plays just as well as the other versions.

Jeremy Stieglitz, development director at Trendy Entertainment explains, "The most interesting thing about Dungeon Defenders is the way that we’re developing the game simultaneously across platforms, which really separates this project from how mobile games are normally developed. When we add something to the Xbox, or PlayStation, or PC version, by default it goes in the Tegra version as well. That's a pretty interesting way to develop a mobile game, but Tegra's a pretty powerful processor and GPU so it actually really makes that possible."

Since Trendy is saving player characters and storing their leveling up capabilities and new spells and skills online, a gamer can start playing on a PC or PS3 and then pick up that same game on the road through a mobile Tegra device. The actual gameplay experience will look and play the same regardless of which platform the game is being played on.

"Since we’ve started developing on Tegra, we’ve seen a pretty big performance increase that has allowed our game to have better thread utilization and no stalling online," said Stieglitz, who added that using Unreal Engine also enabled the team to take full advantage of NVIDIA’s technology. Moving forward, Stieglitz believes Tegra will change the way most developers will create games, while raising the bar for mobile gaming experiences. Dungeon Defenders, which Trendy’s small team of 15 was able to get up and running on Tegra with no problems, is just the beginning.

“Now that we’ve done one cross-platform mobile game for Tegra with Unreal, it’s something that we want to make sure we build into all of our future development plans because it’s a whole new market,” said Stieglitz. “Frankly, I like the idea that we don’t have to make a game that’s just for mobile, and that’s all. We want to make games that are cross-platform from now on.”