Dead Trigger 2 Gets Meaty Update, New African Settings

By NVISION - Thu, Dec 5, 2013

From new maps to flesh-eating Santas, Czech video game developer Madfinger Games consistently updates its titles with fresh content. And on Tuesday, the developer released yet another substantial update for its popular zombie-themed first-person shooter, Dead Trigger 2.

Now available as a free download on Android, update 0.2.5 brings a wealth of features to the post-apocalyptic sequel including all-new African environments and playable missions including helicopter and sniper levels.

Additionally, a number of balancing issues have been addressed such as the difficulty of zombie enemies and the warfare rewards system among other tweaks listed on the game’s official Google Play description.

Madfinger also teased what players can look forward to in the next Dead Trigger 2 update: new Chinese environments, playable missions and challenges, melee weapons, chat functionality and a “special Christmas update.”

That update should hit before the end of the year rolls around. In the meantime, you can check out Dead Trigger 2’s new African maps and missions today.