Dead Trigger 2 Tournament Update Hits

By Patrick Shaw - Wed, Jul 16, 2014

Last month we reported that Madfinger Games has been gearing up to release the biggest update to date for Dead Trigger 2, its horror-themed first-person shooter that pits players against ravenous hordes of flesh-eating zombies.

Now, the Czech developer has officially announced that Dead Trigger 2's Tournament update is now available. Madfinger has shed more light on what players can specifically look forward to in the new drop.

One of the biggest features the update introduces is Dead Trigger 2's new Tournament Arena. In the mode, players compete in matches for a chance to win a variety of both in-game and real world prizes. The developer teased it has partnered with "big names" within the gaming industry for Tournament Area, too.

Other new features in Dead Trigger 2's update include the following:

- New playable levels including a university campus, sports arena, jungle setting and new winter-themed environments
- New weaponry like the zombie-disintegrating Area 51 gun (see it in action in the video above) and a gnarly-looking custom modified rifle called the Metal Storm
- A new fleshed out story campaign that somehow involves a nightclub featuring caged zombie go-go "dancers"
- New traps for ensnaring the undead like the rope trap

You can download Dead Trigger 2's new update (version 0.6.0) now. While the game supports a large variety of Android-based devices, its gory visuals are specifically enhanced for NVIDIA Tegra 4 and Tegra 3 equipped devices.