SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE Open Beta is underway

By TegraZone - Fri, Oct 12, 2012

Open Beta for SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE is underway! The Beta version is now available on Google Play for free, exclusive to Tegra 3 devices. We invite you to join the Beta test and the team at MADFINGER Games improve SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE!

The intent of the Open Beta is to polish network code and the basic gameplay experience, as well as to resolve bugs. Please understand that as this is a Beta version, so some features and content are missing. Also, only a limited number of servers are operating at this moment, so you might have longer wait times in the queue than will be expected at launch.

MADFINGER Games CEO Marek Rabas explained why the Beta version is available only for Tegra 3 device owners: “With the Beta Test we wanted to achieve results that could best help us. By working closely with the NVIDIA team and the Tegra 3 technology itself, we are able to Beta test SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE very efficiently which will help us provide an amazing gaming experience at launch.“

The original third-person multiplayer shooter SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE will be released in a few weeks on both Android and iOS platforms.

We hope you can join the Open Beta test and help us to improve SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE.