Dead Trigger 2 Dev Teases Zombie NPC Allies

By NVISION - Fri, Aug 30, 2013

Madfinger Games' first-person zombie-massacring sequel, Dead Trigger 2, is expected to arrive on Android before the summer officially wraps up. And this week, its Czech development studio is dropping some juicy details about the anticipated horror shooter, which boasts grisly visuals specifically designed for NVIDIA Tegra 4-powered devices like the SHIELD and HP Slatebook.

The first of five "things to look forward to in Dead Trigger 2" Madfinger is sharing is that the game will include new non-playable characters that will help players' chances of survival during the single-player campaign.

"...New NPCs who will accompany you in the game," wrote Madfinger on its Google+ page on Monday morning, "Guess their professions!"

That brief message was accompanied by a new screenshot from the game depicting a female character firing on a couple of snarling zombies (pictured above). Another pack of flesh-eaters is shown following closely behind her, which could be the new NPCs referenced.

We’re guessing that the undead may occasionally be used in Dead Trigger 2 as a disposable offensive resource a la Michonne's undead helpers in The Walking Dead.

We'll find out how exactly your new allies factor into the game soon.