Dead Trigger is Now 100% Completely Free to Play

By Madfinger Games - Mon, Jul 23, 2012

Dead Trigger is now free to download and play -- we're talking totally, completely, and 100% FREE! As always, in-app purchase is NOT required to enjoy the game and players can earn in-game gold and cash by playing through missions or taking advantage of free offers. But if you're eager, you'll continue to have the option of IAP to load up on cash and gold.

For those that already purchased the game for $0.99, MadFinger has posted on the Dead Trigger Facebook page that they are working to address the e-mails and comments recieved regarding the price drop. Please be patient.

In addition to the price drop, MadFinger has recently released a huge update to the game that will include a number of features players have been requesting. From new zombie creatures and environments including an underground car park and secret research base, to four new weapons (Chain Saw, Heavy Machine Gun, Marine Engine with Blades, and American Repeating Rifle) and a new gadget called the Head-Flator X100 that enables players to inflate the heads of zombies for a perfect headshot, Dead Trigger delivers more fun and more blood than ever before.

To download the game and learn more, click the GAMES tab and select Dead Trigger from the list.