Cable TV Alternatives: Cord Cutting

By NVIDIA - Thu, Dec 17, 2015

Scan the panicked headlines about the state of TV and you’d think today’s viewers are a bunch of scissor-wielding maniacs. The reality is just the opposite. That’s why we built NVIDIA SHIELD, an Android TV box and Streaming Media Player.

Cord cutters don’t want to cut themselves off from anything, except inconvenience. You don’t carry around a flip phone, a GPS device, a laptop and a digital camera. Smart apps have turned bags of unmanageable mobile devices into something truly mobile. Yet your living room can still look more like a robot factory floor than a place to relax.

Alternatives to Unruly Cable TV Bills

Stay tuned. Smart apps are about to cut the clutter here, too. Cord-cutting consumers are reinventing television before our eyes. Not just because they’re looking for alternatives to expensive cable TV packages that start at $99 for access to premium channels like HBO that can now be had for as little as $14.99 a month over the Internet. They’re connecting to new, more interactive ways to take command of their entertainment.

Cord cutters aren’t tuning out. They’re tuning in to apps like Netflix, YouTube and They’re connecting to apps — with mobile game developers showing how content and community can be bound together in powerful new ways. The last piece is the power to put all this at your command. That’s NVIDIA SHIELD, Android TV’s flagship device.

Cutting the Cord, and Getting Connected

While the number of traditional pay TV users has been flat for years, Netflix has 57 million subscribers, more than double Comcast’s 22 million., which broadcasts live streams of video games, now reaches more than 100 million unique users each month. Apps like Tablo let you watch broadcast and cable television from any connected device in your home.

All these trends will speed up as brands follow cord cutters to connected smartphones, tablets and set-top boxes and their powerful apps. Broadcasters like ABC, CBS, Fox, and HBO are gleefully distributing content directly to cord cutters through à-la-carte iOS and Android apps. So are brands like Red Bull. Stars like Jerry Seinfeld are adapting to cord cutting, too. The comedian worked with Acura to bundle content and branding together for his hit online video series, "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee."

Cord Cutter? Connect with SHIELD

The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box puts all this at your command. Better still, it gives developers the power to create killer apps. So cut the cord to expensive pay TV and get connected to what’s next. Check out NVIDIA SHIELD.

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