Android Users Are More Active and Optimistic

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Thu, Jan 26, 2012

Android tablets and smartphones were everywhere at CES 2012. More devices powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip were also on display. With the building installed base of Android devices, consumer electronics trade-in service Gazelle (www.gazelle.com), decided to do a poll on the show floor focusing on tablet and smartphone users.

The survey aimed to draw a correlation between one's level of optimism or pessimism and the smartphone and tablet one owns. The results were particularly telling and, amongst the juiciest of findings, the survey pointed to the fact that 29% of iPhone owners expect the best in uncertain times, 3% more than the next set of users (Android). The study also showed that 33% of BlackBerry users hardly ever expect things to go their way, suggesting an overall malaise amongst BlackBerry users. Research also found that iPhone users were particularly resilient in these tough economic conditions with 36% saying they don't get upset too easily, even during difficult economic times.

Because Gazelle accepts hundreds of thousands of consumer electronic trade-ins each year, the company serves as a unique barometer of U.S. consumer electronics consumption habits. Gazelle used CES to celebrate collective consumer love for gadgets and to better understand, with a twist, the sociology behind certain Smartphone and tablet users. The survey discovered that 28% of Android smartphone users and 36% of Android tablet users are always optimistic about their future. In addition, 48% of Android smartphone users and 64% of Android tablet users think it's important to keep busy. Optimism also runs rampant, as 31% of Android smartphone users and 55% of Android tablet users often expect more good things to happen than bad. And keeping their cool is something of a trait, as 18% of Android smartphone users and 27% of Android tablet users don't get upset too easily.

"Our survey aimed to celebrate the passion many at CES have for their gadgets and the latest and greatest trends in consumer electronics,” said Israel Ganot, co-founder and CEO of Gazelle. “One of the reasons for the rapid growth of the reCommerce industry is that many have recognized the value possessed by used electronics and the lucrative benefits of trading in one's gadgets for cash."