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Broadsword Slices Through Tegra Technology

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Fri, Jan 16, 2015

More game developers are taking games previously only possible on the PC and fine-tuning them for NVIDIA SHIELD and Tegra mobile devices. Hoplight Research developer Manny Grannilo has worked closely with NVIDIA to bring its real-time strategy game, Broadsword, to Tegra devices and talks about the upcoming mobile game in this exclusive interview.

What’s the gameplay experience like for Broadsword?
Broadsword is a challenging and fun game where you run a kingdom and try to crush your opponent. You build resources like castles and units and research with tech trees and beautiful environments. We go from the full 3D map to the 3D combat scenes. You get all the visceral action right in your face thanks to Tegra technology.

What kind of multiplayer experience is there for gamers?
Not only can you play multiplayer head-to-head on the same device brought to you by the SHIELD, you can play online head-to-head with your friends around the world.

How have you been working with NVIDIA to bring this game to mobile?
NVIDIA and their fantastic games design development team and engineers really have made this a real pleasure to work on their system and to bring our vision to the technology for our customers. Their tools and a lot of their assistance in engineering have been very helpful in getting us to where we are right now and ensuring we give the experience to our customers they really want.

What has Tegra opened up for you guys as game developers?
Tegra 4 was a quantum leap as far as we’re concerned because it allowed us to focus on the game design and less on how do we make the special effects. The power of the Tegra 4, and now the Tegra K1, allows us that ability automatically with effects like shadows, lighting and transparencies.

How are you utilizing the NVIDIA SHIELD controller?
One of the great things about the SHIELD is that it mimics your hand and your positioning. We’ve actually lined up all the controls on the SHIELD so that you can play the game almost intuitively without having to overthink anything as it becomes natural like the typewriter.

What are your thoughts on what Tegra K1 technology will open for up for you as a game developer?
The focus for game developers, game designers and people who really want to bring the experience to the gamer should be on the actual experience, the design and the delivery to the customer, and less on how do we make the special effects happen. With the K1, which is another step beyond Tegra 4, it allows us that much more power and that much more ability, so the engineering teams have so much available code and things that can help us focus on the game design and really bring up the visuals automatically.


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