Best Streaming Device For Netflix - NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

By William O'Neal - Thu, Jun 23, 2016

When it comes to cord cutting, the fact remains that the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is the Best Streaming Media Player available. Powered by the NVIDIA Tegra X1 Processor, its list of high-end features is impressive. That said, when it comes to cutting the cord, having a blazingly fast Streaming Media Player is just the beginning. App support is also tantamount. While we’ve established that SHIELD is hands down the Best Kodi Box as well as the best way to experience Plex, especially now that it supports Plex Media Server, with the latest updates to Netflix, it’s now easy to say that SHIELD is the best device for Netflix Streaming. Let’s break it down.

NVIDIA SHIELD is the best Streaming Device for Netflix

Universal Search with Voice Search and Voice Commands

If you’re a cord cutter like us, you probably use a multitude of apps. With SHIELD Android TV’s universal search features, you can search from the home page, and you will get results from supporting apps. Today, Netflix has now been added to the Android TV list of apps that appear when doing a universal search from the SHIELD Android TV home page. And of course, SHIELD universal searches can easily be done with the power of voice search and voice commands. Just press the Microphone button on your SHIELD Remote and search for a specific show or actor. No more hunting and pecking on that virtual keyboard. (Netflix will be extending this new feature to its subscribers via a staged rollout.)

4K Resolution and HDR Support

One of the biggest advances in display quality technology in 20 years, HDR (high dynamic range) is here, and NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is proud to boast that support for HDR media streaming in Netflix. HDR differs from other high-def standards by rocking up to 2x the visible colors of other offerings. Additionally, HDR boasts brighter displays and richer, more saturated colors.

Netflix recently announced support for the standard with their original series “Marco Polo” leading the pack and they’re adding more than 100 hours of HDR programming by August, with more than 150 hours slated by the end of the year. Netflix HDR is coming soon and will be available as part of our next big software update: the SHIELD Experience Upgrade 3.2.

Auto Account Sign-in

Anyone who uses multiple devices has let out an audible sigh when setting up a new device and you’re presented with either a manual login screen or a link to an activation page. Netflix now supports Auto sign in with Google Smart Lock. Simply put, if you have already signed into Netflix with one compatible device, like the SHIELD tablet K1 for instance, and you set up your SHIELD Android TV with the same Google account, all of your information (usernames and passwords) will be automatically input into the new Netflix installation.

TV Remote Friendly and Private Listening

If you’re like me your cord cutting setup isn’t just your SHIELD Android TV. In addition to the SHIELD my media experience is run through a harman/kardon AVR2000 receiver and a 70-inch television all connected via HDMI. Since my TV supports CEC technology, as does SHIELD, I can actually use my TV’s remote control to navigate my Netflix SHIELD experience! This means if I need to play, pause, or select another movie in Netflix, I can reach out for either my SHIELD remote or my TV remote. This is just another way that SHIELD works to make your entertainment center more about entertainment, and less about complex gadgets.

If you have a family or have roommates you’ve no doubt come to appreciate private listening. Netflix is yet another app to offer private listening on SHIELD. Just plug your favorite headphones into the SHIELD remote and you can easily enjoy your favorite Netflix shows without disturbing others.

SHIELD is the Best Streaming Device for Netflix!

So there you have it. Whether it’s 4k and HDR support, improved search capabilities, or any of the other new and exciting features, the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is the perfect device on which to stream Netflix. If you haven’t already picked on up now’s the perfect time to jump on the SHIELD bandwagon. Happy cord cutting!

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