The Best Kodi Box - NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

By William O'Neal - Mon, May 2, 2016

When you think of cord cutting, invariably the Kodi app comes to mind. Formerly known as XBMC, Kodi is a free, streaming media center app that allows users to stream TV shows, movies, pictures, music, and other digital media from local or network storage as well as the internet. While that may seem like a serious mouthful, ultimately when asked, “What is Kodi?” we simply say, “The Kodi app is hands down one of the best ways to stream ANYTHING to your NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV.”

How Does Kodi Work?

The Kodi app works in two ways. The first way is by scouring internet sources for the content that you wish to stream and simply delivering it to your NVIDIA SHIELD. Since Kodi is an open source platform, the process by which end users do this can be a bit tricky and the key to this are Kodi add-ons. Think of Kodi add-ons as individual “apps” that are designed to find and stream specific types of content. For instance, there are some great add-ons that are all about discovering different types of music and there are others that are all about helping you stream things like live sports. In fact, we actually wrote an article called “How to Install Kodi Add-ons on NVIDIA SHIELD” that serves as a great starting point for Kodi users.

Another way that Kodi works is by searching storage devices on your local network (be they networked computers of hard drives) that contain media such as music, movies, TV shows, pictures, and videos and adding them to your library making them easily consumable on your SHIELD Android TV.

What’s The Best Kodi Box?

Once you dive into the world of the Kodi app you’ll no doubt run into folks who’ll ask, “What is the best Kodi box?” Go to Amazon and type “kodi box” and you’ll be overwhelmed by a deluge of Android TV devices that come with Kodi pre-installed on them. The problem with many of them is that, well, they’re not “the best kodi box.” Many of them are cheap, underpowered Android devices that not only are jam-packed with illegal and dangerous software that could compromise your security, many of them aren’t even running Android TV but rather they’re running mobile versions of Android that are designed to run on mobile phones and tablets.

Simply put, SHIELD is built using Android TV software rather than Android mobile software. This is critical because all services on Android TV are designed to work perfectly on a TV. In contrast, Android mobile apps are made for touch and so trying to use a Kodi box with Android mobile operating system means customers will need a keyboard and mouse which is not typically the desired experience when watching TV in your living room.

When it comes to choosing a good Kodi box, a lot of factors come into play. One factor where SHIELD shines is ease of use. Our engineers ensure that SHIELD is always up-to-date. And the latest version of Kodi (version 16.1) does a great job of keeping users in the mix with the latest software updates. For example, SHIELD is running on Android 6.0 whereas all other Kodi devices today are running on Android version 4.0 or 5.0. This means customers are not getting access to all the latest and greatest features of android. And equally important, those Kodi boxes aren’t updated with the latest security patches making them systems vulnerable to hacking.

Additionally, SHIELD and Kodi work well together in that getting your hands on the Kodi is super-easy. Fire up the Google Play Android TV store on your SHIELD Android TV and you can download Kodi just like you would download any app on Android TV. On the other hand, devices like the Fire TV require users to sideload Kodi on a device. This also means you would need to manually keep re-installing newer versions of Kodi on your device. On SHIELD, Kodi updates just keep getting pushed onto your device automatically without any need for manual intervention so customers always have the latest and greatest version of Kodi on SHIELD.

The Proof Is In The Performance!

Kodi box performance chart

  1. Performance measured using GFXBench (T-Rex) benchmark.
  2. Based on theoretical peak speeds.
  3. Headphone jack support on remote or controller for private listening.
  4. Native console-class games like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, War Thunder, The Talos Principle, Doom 3, and Half-Life 2.
  5. Amount of storage for personal content. Note: Portion of storage occupied by system software.

All About That SHIELD Remote!

Kodi recently released a major update (version 16.0) and one of the more interesting upgrades seems to backup our claim that NVIDIA SHIELD is the best Kodi box. Long Press, as it’s called, is specifically designed to work with remotes much like the NVIDIA SHIELD remote with its sleek, minimalist design. With Long Press users can easily access the content menu on KODI by holding the Select button (Long Press) on the SHIELD remote.

SHIELD Android TV: The Best Kodi Box Available

Whether you’re a Kodi app power user or you’re new to the world of Kodi, the fact remains that the better your Kodi box, the better your streaming performance and entertainment experience. Boasting NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 processor, support for 4K Ultra HD video, Dolby Digital Plus (5.1 and 7.1) pass-through, private listening, and unrivaled power, NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is easily the world’s best Kodi box. The two are just an ideal match. If you don’t already own one, be sure to pick up an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV today!

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