The Avengers Getting their Own Mobile Game

By NVISION - Tue, Aug 28, 2012

If you have forty seconds to spare and an interest in entertainment of the Marvel variety, you should probably watch the brief teaser trailer that Marvel has just released. The video’s description suggests that the trailer is only a first glimpse of “the next generation of Marvel games.”

Though forty seconds isn’t a lot of time, the teaser does manage to paint an intriguing picture. The trailer’s conceit is that its contents actually are a Priority One Avengers Alert from Nick Fury, who has contacted the members of the Avengers team to inform them that a pulse from space that has “shut down power grids and communication networks around the world.” As a result of the pulse, the security of the Vault has been compromised.

That’s quite the unfortunate development. As a result of the compromise, all of the nasty folks that the Avengers had captured have now been released, the better to resume those nefarious activities that prompted their incarceration in the first place.

Nick Fury figures that the best way to handle such a huge crisis is to split the team up and send it on a series of individual missions. This strategy is known as “the Avengers Initiative.” Fury’s message (and thus the trailer) then end before anyone can ask any questions.

The trailer doesn’t reveal any actual gameplay, and the voice actor who provides Nick Fury’s communication is most assuredly not Samuel L. Jackson, despite sporting his facial features. The idea of playing as individual team members rather than as a group may also disappoint some, but it’s perhaps too soon to judge things based on this brief exposure. For now, you can look to the Marvel XP Facebook page for future updates on the title.

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