Auralux: A Colorful, Hypnotic Strategy Game Lands on Tegra

By NVISION - Fri, Jul 20, 2012

Wardrum Studios’ real-time strategy game Auralux exemplifies how games don't necessarily need relentless action or fiery explosions to keep players thoroughly engrossed in the experience. In fact, it’s Auralux’s simplicity in design and presentation that makes it so satisfying.

Originally released on PC to widespread acclaim, Auralux is now available on TegraZone as a free download for Tegra 3-powered Android tablets.

In the game, players control a luminescent cluster of celestial bodies. And while Auralux’s subject matter is fairly abstract, the core gameplay concept is not unlike your traditional RTS game: players expand their control over as much of the map as possible by strategically commanding their units (in Auralux’s case, continually-generating tiny blue spheres) to move around the level and take over enemy-controlled spots.

Moving enough of your bluish orbs to an unoccupied planet results in taking it over and expanding your dominance over the map. As you might expect, the ultimate goal is to take over as many planets as possible while overwhelming enemy orbs that get in your way. Simple, right?

While the game is easy enough to immediately grasp, the difficulty ramps up quite quickly as you reach Auralux’s more advanced stages (some of which can be purchased once you’ve completed the free levels).

Auralux's minimalistic gameplay is also complimented quite nicely by lighting effects created with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor as well as the game’s pulsing soundtrack, which plays to the rhythm new orbs are generated by your planets. The entrancing experience is not unlike watching multicolored fireworks slowly explode in the night’s sky -- only you’re actually controlling where those glowing embers move.

The game is currently exclusive to Tegra 3-powered tablets, but the developer has said that they plan to eventually roll out support for more Android devices.

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