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Android Authority: What Game Developers Say about Tegra 3

By Lucian Armasu (Android Authority) - Mon, Nov 14, 2011

Everyone seems to be impressed by just how powerful Tegra 3 really is. But it’s not just regular people like us, but also game developers and other type of developers that seem to be impressed with it as well. And what’s not to like when you have the first 4 quad core Cortex A9 CPU, basically twice as fast as anything out there right now, and also a 12 core GPU (although not with unified shaders -- 8 pixel shaders and 4 vertex shaders).

One of the smartest things Nvidia has ever done since entering the ARM chip market, was to create a platform for developers to show their games, which is the Tegra Zone store. But Nvidia hasn’t just created the store, they’ve also went out there and tried to convince them to develop games for their latest chips.

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