Android Marshmallow Updates for SHIELD tablet K1

By William O'Neal - Tue, Dec 22, 2015

Since launching the SHIELD tablet K1, users have been flocking to this best-in-class Android tablet. Sporting a super-fast 192-core GPU, full HD 1080p display, and dual front-facing speakers, the SHIELD tablet K1 just received another big boost with the addition of Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

We teased users with sneak peak video of the tablet running Android 6.0 Marshmallow but now it’s time for you to jump on the Marshmallow bandwagon and take advantage of everything that this new OS has to offer.

Starting today, Software Upgrade 1.0 will be available for SHIELD tablet K1 and there’s a lot to love about Marshmallow.

More User Control and Refined Experience

As we mentioned in our sneak peek video, a few key features are App Standby, Now on Tap, Adoptable Storage, and improved App Permissions. With these additions owners of the SHIELD tablet K1 can better manage battery life, more quickly navigate around the tablet’s UI, manage internal and external storage while also making it easier to add storage, and benefit from improved security by having more control over their privacy.

Improved Camera and Personalization

In addition to those OS upgrades, NVIDIA has improved the NVIDIA SHIELD Camera with a user interface that’s inspired by Material Design that sports better burst photo capabilities and new HD image effects. Users can also now personalize the Home and Lock screens with different wallpapers.

Free Fallout Shelter gift for SHIELD tablet K1 Gamers

Since the SHIELD tablet K1 is the ultimate tablet for gamers we’d be remiss to not throw in some gaming goodness. The Marshmallow upgrade also boasts Fallout Shelter and Bonus Lunchboxes. As a bonus, the first 50,000 SHIELD tablet K1 gamers can score five free lunchboxes, each containing four Fallout Shelter cards for in-game currency, consumable and more! Learn more about the Fallout Shelter game and this amazing offer.

The ultimate tablet for gamers just got a little sweeter with Android Marshmallow. As the holidays approach, we’re sure there’s a gamer on your list who would love one.

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