A Trio of Must-Play New Games Launch on NVIDIA SHIELD

By Nadia Oxford - Fri, Oct 9, 2015

Powered by NVIDIA’s next-generation Tegra X1 processor, SHIELD Android TV is NVIDIA’s third-generation SHIELD platform that delivers high-definition entertainment to the comfort of your living room. From bleeding edge Android games optimized for Tegra X1 and the SHIELD controller to some of the most visually advanced video games on Earth including CD Projekt RED’s fantasy blockbuster The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt—which can be streamed through GeForce NOW—there’s a whole lot to love on SHIELD. This month, SHIELD owners are treated to three new games offering something for every gamer.

Contrast ($14.99)

"What you don't know can hurt you" is the tagline for Compulsion Games' Contrast, a visually arresting puzzle platformer. The game stars Didi and her "imaginary" friend Dawn, who is actually quite real and resides on a plane of existence separate from our own. Dawn can interact between universes, both of which have their own hazards and instances of heartbreak.

True to its name, Contrast is a game of color and shadows, flat images and vibrant 3D figures. The graphics are a unique mix of vaudeville-inspired playfulness and film noir.

The game's environments offer up a similar blend of whimsy and shadow. There are cabarets, jazz bars, and circuses all with illusions and magic around.

The puzzle-based gameplay winds through an emotional story about Didi discovering the dark truths behind her family's problems, including the reasons why her father seemingly abandoned her and her mother. Contrast's mix of engaging puzzles and fantastic storytelling make it a must-own title for fans of puzzle adventure games and especially those who enjoy an original story unlike any other.

Pix the Cat ($9.99)

Pix the Cat from Pastagames pays loving tribute to coin-op gems and arcade classics from the past while adding updated features and high production values.

Pix the Cat wants to safely deliver the ducklings that waddle behind him through his levels and all their trials. Every egg you pick up hatches a new life, which Pix must deposit safely. If you manage to clean up each egg before you deposit your charges, you get a huge combo bonus.

However, Pix the Cat ups the stakes a bit. As your trail of ducklings grows, it becomes harder and harder to avoid crashing into a wall or running into your own tail. And the more you play, the faster the action becomes and the more frequently stage hazards pop up. Do you persist and work towards that big point combo bonus, potentially losing everything? Or do you play it safe and herd smaller duck-rows to safety before they become unmanageable? Pix the Cat has been praised by gamers and critics for its engaging gameplay and its alternate play modes offering new challenges while changing up the game's graphics. For a special game, check out the Max Fleischer-inspired Nostalgia mode as it delivers potent black-and-white joy for fans of classic animation.

Heckabomb ($2.99)

Heckabomb is a twin-stick, spacebound shooter that recalls classics like Asteroids, but has some compelling modern updates and ideas of its own. Aliens have destroyed your home planet, and the only artefact to survive, a doomsday weapon called the Heckabomber, is loaded for revenge. You sail from enemy world to enemy world, turn the planets into rubble, and then glean the wreckage for upgrades to your personal Death Star.

Fans of intense shooting games—particularly "bullet hell" games, where projectiles fly in thick and fast barely leaving you time to breathe—will definitely want to give Heckabomb a go. The game is also visually stunning on NVIDIA SHIELD. How sharp are your reflexes, cadet? Heckabomb will be your judge.

Heckabomb's chain of destruction and reconstruction (to say nothing of its vast arsenal of weapons, including chain-lightning guns and bullet deflectors) offer a kind of satisfaction that reaches deep inside you and makes you realize life is worth living—even if everything you know and love has been obliterated by alien invaders.

The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, which comes with a SHIELD controller, is now available to purchase starting at just $199.99 for the 16GB model.

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