SHIELD Portable Release Notes

Download the latest SHIELD Portable software update by going to: Settings → About SHIELD → System updates.

Release date: 2/11/15
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrade 101
OPTIONAL UPDATE – This update is an optional patch that improves stability and smoothness for emulators.

Release date: 11/5/14
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrade 99
This update contains optional improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Improves battery drain when SHIELD portable lid is closed
  • Updates the latest SHIELD hub app available on Google Play Store
  • Fixes a bug that does not allow videos to be played from Facebook, using Browser or Chrome, or on the YouTube app
  • Fixes a bug to enable support for 4K content in Console Mode

Release date: 9/23/14
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrade 92
This update contains important bug fixes, including:

  • Fixes intermittent streaming issues for some users in GameStream
  • Fixes a bug on the home screen that occasionally replaces the Twitch icon with an Android icon that does not work
  • Fixes auto-rotate screen feature; enable option from Settings → Display → (select) Auto-rotate screen
  • Fixes auto turning issue on select racing games that may require gyro-sensor support

Release date: 8/5/14
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 82
This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • SHIELD controller support (Learn More)
    • Adds SHIELD controller app for quick pairing to SHIELD portable
    • Wirelessly stream audio to a headset connected to the controller
  • New SHIELD Hub app (Learn More)
    • Improves and replaces existing TegraZone app
    • Adds My Media Apps for quick launch access to installed entertainment apps
  • GameStream improvements
    • Quality of service and security improvements
    • New onscreen controls for GameStream. Access by long holding Start
    • Remote GameStream – required router settings changes for manual port forwarding (Learn More)
  • Netflix HD support for up to 1080p streaming in Console Mode
  • Ethernet indicator is now displayed in top-right Android notification bar when connected to Ethernet

Release date: 5/5/14
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 77
This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fixes a bug that prevents moving app files to SD card in certain cases when using the Settings → Apps → ‘Move to SD card’ function
  • Fixes ability to use bumpers to adjust volume; enable option from Settings → Controller → Volume Control
  • In conjunction with the latest GeForce Experience 2.0.1 update, improves security and audio latency for GameStream

Release date: 4/7/14
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 72
This upgrade contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • GameStream Enhancements (Learn More)
    • Remote GameStream (BETA): stream your PC games to SHIELD from outside your home
      • Wake on LAN support: remotely wake up your PC in Sleep or Hibernate mode from SHIELD
      • Remote Login support: remotely login to a locked PC from SHIELD
    • Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse support: play your favorite keyboard and mouse PC games on the big screen in Console Mode
    • Notebook support (BETA): stream your PC games to SHIELD, using a compatible GeForce GTX-based notebook PC
      • All GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M, and select GTX 600M GPUs supported
    • Manually add unofficially supported games to your GameStream list from GeForce Experience
      • In GeForce Experience, go to Preferences → GameStream
    • Pin-based pairing with ability to pair multiple PCs to your SHIELD
    • USB Y-cable support: charge your SHIELD when using Ethernet in Console Mode with a micro USB Host OTG Y Cable
    • Advanced Settings: manually set bitrate, FPS, and optimal settings preferences
      • In TegraZone, go to Settings → GameStream PCs → Menu → Advanced
  • New TegraZone (Learn More)
    • New user interface: access by pressing NVIDIA button
    • Integrated news feed for the latest SHIELD and TegraZone articles
  • Gamepad Mapper Enhancements (Learn More)
    • New user interface for easier access to download and share Mapper profiles
    • Ability to access Mapper by long pressing either NVIDIA button (Power Menu) or Start
    • Various bug fixes
  • Android 4.4.2
    • Upgrade to the latest KitKat OS
      • NOTE: KitKat significantly changes the way applications are allowed to use SD cards. If you use an SD card to store data, please read here before installing this update.

Release date: 2/3/14
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 68
OPTIONAL UPDATE – This update is an optional patch for GameStream that improves PC streaming stability and quality of service for smoother gameplay.

Release date: 12/23/13
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 67
OPTIONAL UDPATE – This update is an optional patch for GameStream that gives users the option to limit streaming to 30 FPS (instead of up to 60 FPS). This option may improve quality of service for streaming from PC to SHIELD for some users. Access the option while GameStreaming by long holding the Start button to bring up the on-screen controls.

Release date: 12/2/13
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 65
This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • GRID Cloud Gaming
    • Adds NVIDIA GRID beta app. Users near our Northern California cloud gaming servers can instantly stream PC games to their NVIDIA® SHIELD.
    • Access GRID app from TegraZone: NVIDIA button → SHIELD games → (select) GRID.
    • Learn more here.
  • GameStream improvements
    • Stream from your PC at up to 1080p @ 60 FPS in Console Mode when using Ethernet (via micro USB Ethernet adapter).
    • Improved PC streaming quality at 720p @ 60 FPS and Wi-Fi performance.
    • Requires GeForce Experience Version 1.8 for PC.
    • Learn more here.
  • Gamepad Mapper improvements
    • New community profiles BETA feature – ability to share, browse, and rate gamepad mapping profiles.
    • Ability to map gyro simulation to analog thumbsticks with new “motion sensor” feature.
    • Improved right thumbstick feature for first person perspective games that use touch swipes to look around.
    • New “accelerated cursor” option for joystick mouse mode.
    • Learn more here.
  • Full-screen mode updates
    • Option to auto-hide status bar.
    • View status bar with a swipe down from the top of the screen.
    • Enable option from Settings → Display.
  • TegraZone update
    • Now includes launcher icons for all controller and Gamepad Mapper supported Android games.
    • Go to TegraZone: NVIDIA button → SHIELD Games.
    • Improved right thumbstick features for first person perspective games that require the ability to look around.
    • Improved cursor features for optimized navigation.

Release date: 11/06/13
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 64
This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Critical system stability fixes.

Release date: 10/28/13
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 63
This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Upgrade to latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS.
  • Official release of NVIDIA GAMESTREAM™ (PC streaming) – enables you to play games from your PC library on your SHIELD at up to 60 frames per second for smoother gameplay.
  • Introduction of Console Mode – ability to take your SHIELD experience to your HDTV at native 1080p resolution.  Compatible with Nyko PlayPad Pro Bluetooth controller.
  • New SHIELD Gamepad Mapper – this functionality allows you to use SHIELD's physical controls for touchscreen games. Mapping profiles are automatically applied for hundreds of top Android games; or create & share your custom gamepad mapping profiles. Press & hold the Start button to access the Gamepad Mapper menu from within your game.
  • Ability to move your app and game files (APK + OBB files) to external microSD card.
  • Changed Home button functionality – double tap Home button to access Recent Apps & hold Home button to launch Google Now.

Release date: 8/29/13
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 59
This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Ability to move select app and game program (APK) files from SHIELD internal storage to the microSD card. Learn more at
  • Improved Miracast streaming with Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro (requires ScreenBeam firmware release or higher).
    • ScreenBeam owners can download the latest Actiontec ScreenBeam firmware and learn how to update the firmware .
  • Improved PC streaming stability, gamepad detection, and Wi–Fi performance
  • Support for Tegra developer tools: CPU sampling profiler (Tegra Profiler) and GPU analysis (PerfHUD ES). Learn more at

Release date: 8/12/13
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 51
This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Reduction in audio latency for GeForce® PC streaming

Release date: 7/31/13
SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades 50
This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Portrait apps are no longer filtered out in Google Play
  • NVIDIA TegraZone UI updated with improved navigation
  • GeForce PC streaming BETA enabled. Learn more at
  • Full-screen mode option added to hide the status bar when in standard apps (enable option from Settings → Display)
  • Various stability, power, and performance improvements