Stream popular PC games to your SHIELD portable or tablet from NVIDIA GRID Cloud Gaming servers in California!

To participate in the GRID beta, you'll need:

  • NVIDIA SHIELD gaming portable and tablet
  • Internet connection with at least a 10 Mbps download speed
  • Home network with 40 ms or less ping time to the GRID cloud gaming servers in San Jose, CA
  • NVIDIA GameStream-Ready 5 GHz Wi-Fi router

To get more information on optimizing your home network for game streaming, click here to see all NVIDIA GameStream-Ready products.

The GRID beta app is available with SHIELD Software Update 65, or for download from the Google Play store. The app will run a network test when you launch it and may issue warning messages or prevent play if it finds any problems with your network connection to the GRID servers.

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We appreciate your comments. Please click the feedback button in the app to tell us about your experience, or visit the GRID beta forum.


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Stay up to date on the latest system improvements to the Western USA GRID Beta. For users unable to connect, submit your city and state information to help determine future expansion of the GRID beta.

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Why is the GRID beta limited to Western USA?

NVIDIA GRID servers are located in San Jose, CA, and users need a ping time of 40 ms or less to the GRID data center, as well as at least a 10 Mbps Internet download speed. It's possible that users outside of this area, with a fast enough internet connection, can meet these requirements and participate but we expect the best experience in Western USA.

When will the GRID beta be available in other states and regions?

NVIDIA GRID servers are located in San Jose, CA. For users unable to connect, submit your city and state information to help determine future expansion of the GRID beta.

Can I stream the games I own from the GRID cloud?

Not at this time. NVIDIA needs to add games to our GRID servers to make them available for you to stream to your SHIELD. We'll continue to work with game publishers to add new games during the beta.

How long will the GRID beta last?

The free beta period will last for at least three months. Then, we'll determine next steps based on your feedback.

How much does the GRID beta cost?

The GRID Cloud Gaming service is available to SHIELD device owners for free during the Beta period. We just want your feedback on the experience.

Where can I get support or provide feedback on GRID?

You can provide feedback directly inside the app by clicking the upper right-hand corner and selecting Feedback. NVIDIA has also set up a GeForce.com forum for the GRID beta.

Where can I download new versions of the GRID app?

NVIDIA will put the GRID beta app in the Google Play store for future updates.

For a full list of GRID FAQs, please visit the NVIDIA Knowledgebase.