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Glowball: Tegra 3 Only

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You’ll find charm and menace of the midway in Glowball: Tegra 3. . . an interactive demo created to showcase the power of the NVIDIA® Tegra 3® chip. Tegra 3 runs effortlessly at top speed; efficiently delivering the power needed for nuanced and complex 3D graphics. The Glowball: Tegra 3 environment is rich in geometric complexity, texture detail, and graphic effects and could not have been built with previous generation hardware. All four cores are kept busy with PhysX® collisions, multiple cloth simulations, particle effects, and dynamic scene lighting. Step right up, folks.

There are two levels in the demo; Carnival and Sea Floor. In each case, tilt the tablet to maneuver the ball around the different environment. Be careful where you go and what you hit as some things will undoubtedly hit back. For the Carnival level you’ll need to trigger the jack-in-the-boxes in proper sequence, without any missteps, and the maniacal clown will give you an escape route. For the Sea Floor level, simply collect four keys, available from the treasure chests located around the maze, and you’ll be able to leave through the sunken pirate ship. Use the minimap to help find your way around the maze.


  • Designed specifically for devices using NVIDIA® Tegra 3®, quad-core mobile superchip
  • Carnival level includes nine concurrent cloth simulations running in real-time
  • Sea Floor level includes 300 simulated kelp plants, 1400 other moving plants, and 2 million triangles of scene geometry
  • Interaction of scene objects using NVIDIA PhysX®
  • Dynamic scene lighting that can be changed by tapping on the ball
  • Particle, reflection, and skinned animation effects
  • Caustic lighting, fog, and schooling fish in Sea Floor level
  • Custom vertex and pixel shaders make for shiny fish and a wavy sea
  • Splitscreen mode allows you to turn visual effects on/off and compare the results

Comments and Ratings

  • nexus 7

    where is ocean floor level? it has been forever.....!

    22 September 2012
  • where

    where is the ocean floor level?!

    17 September 2012
  • shiny

    game works well on asus google nexus 7 but i dunno how to pass 1 level if its possible

    10 September 2012
  • Dhr

    not working.. asus t300 tablet (tegra3)

    26 August 2012
  • Awsome

    this game run really well on tf300 devices 5 stars but more levels soon plezzzzz

    13 August 2012
  • Nice

    Great graphics, froze at first but a reset of the tablet fixed that. Also cant get to water lever. It just loops you on the clown stage.

    05 August 2012
  • sobad

    I hope it will better. It look good at 5sec but there are no fun for a long time

    25 July 2012
  • tegra 3 only?

    it looks amazing but it should come out for tegra 2. will it?

    07 July 2012
  • umm...

    what is the point of this game? great graphics, but frustratingly pointless implementation of pretty colors and lights.

    16 June 2012
  • Dull but pretty

    Not really very engaging

    25 May 2012
  • Cool graphics but...

    still needs some work

    14 May 2012
  • sucky

    game looks food for 5 seconds, then constantly hangs.. (blackscreen). unplayable. htc One x (tegra3). back to beta-testing...

    28 April 2012
  • glitchy

    I played this on the Acer Iconia A510 and it was glitchy for some reason. i might re-install to see if that clears it up. on screen buttons didnt work, ball rolled slow and the in hyper drive.

    20 April 2012
  • prime

    also have a prime like the game but dosent play past the 1st level

    01 April 2012
  • second level?

    it wont load the water level

    17 March 2012
  • needs Tegra 2 demo

    if only we could experience the fluid graphics on Tegra 2 im the biggest fan of nvidia and will always stick by there side

    10 February 2012
  • glow all:tagra 3 only

    I love it

    25 January 2012
  • only the first level?

    beat the first level, but never loads second level.

    23 January 2012
  • awesome

    awesome. needs to be updated in the marker, it only has the first level there

    06 January 2012
  • it works great on the Asus transformer prime. which did come out before the end of 2011, and also has a tegra3 chip. its fun!!!

    06 January 2012
  • ooooo


    Gorgeous with Tegra 3
    04 January 2012
  • I love this game

    02 January 2012
  • What?

    Do you buy Xbox games for the Wii? NO, SO STOP COMPLAINIG!

    31 December 2011
  • @19Adam41

    The Asus Transfome Prime is a Tegra 3 and I own one. Shows how much you know bro.

    Asus Transformer Prime
    31 December 2011
  • @19Adam41

    The Asus Transformer Prime is Tegra 3 and its out right now. Glowball is sick...

    Asus Transformer Prime
    30 December 2011
  • works great


    29 December 2011
  • cool

    this looks great on the prime! lots of fun

    28 December 2011
  • some people shouldnt revi

    work great on the asus transformer prime. which is already on themarket and runs the new tegra 3 chip. get your facts straight people

    28 December 2011
  • wow

    crazy graphics...

    25 December 2011
  • Just a tech demo...

    Just got my Transformer Prime. This looks nice, but still a tech demo for what it is.

    23 December 2011
  • Hhggg


    Ot n horne
    23 December 2011