Fort Courage

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Fort Courage! An exciting free-to-play 3D adventure of the imagination!

Bored at school and falling asleep in class you dream up hiding out in a fort deep within a dinosaur jungle, sneaking into a forbidden monster lab, and hacking into a robot factory on the surface of mars!

Fort Courage is the kind of game experience that takes us back to recess! In Fort Courage players fight against waves of wacky monsters, robots, and dinosaurs in fantastic environments; all of which was made possible and enhanced by NVIDIA Tegra powered devices, allowing for an ideal game experience with cool physics-driven visual effects and lush 3D environments.

Do you have what it takes to defend Fort Courage?


  • 3 fantastic locations with over 120 stages.
  • 10 upgradable power-ups and 13 upgradable toy weapons.
  • 9 character skins, 15 unique enemies and 3 cool bosses.
  • Over 80 hours of challenging gameplay!
""Fort Courage on NVIDIA Tegra powered devices takes it to the next level with gorgeous details featuring physics driven particle effects, environmental animations, and richly dense 3D environments for players to enjoy.""
Ben Gokey, Co-Founder, Human Head Studios
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