Dead on Arrival 2

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Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse? Tear though wave after wave of the walking dead with custom built death-dealing weapons, like the fire spitting Minigun and the room clearing Rocket Launcher. Paint the walls red as you fight for your life in an industrial playground filled with deadly traps and deadlier enemies.

Dead on Arrival 2 is a twin stick zombie survival shooter. Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD for maximum enjoyment. Compete with your friends in global rankings, or partner up in 4-player cross device multiplayer co-op and tear through wave after wave of the walking dead. How long can you survive?

Paint the walls red as you fight through a giant level with hidden zones that you can access only after surviving through waves of the undead. Take it to the next level on Tegra 4 with dynamic shadows, ultra-realistic blood splatter and incredible lighting and post-processing effects.

The end of the world has never looked so good!


  • Developed to run best on Tegra 4 and includes environment physics, cloth simulations, heat distortion and ultra-high character/environment polycount.
  • Eye-shattering 3D action with incredible advanced effects, from gory explosions of blood to red-hot molten steel.
  • Fight alone or bring up to 3 friends in the 4 player cooperative multiplayer mode with an endless swarm of the undead to desperately fight off.
  • Game-changing special infected zombies like the Mammoth. Explore, defend and plunder in a massive steel mill filled with dangerous industrial traps and special weaponry.
  • Customize the look of your character with a massive range of costumes! Equip from a wide range of mods to suit your play style and help out your team in multiplayer.
  • Regular updates means there’s always more to check out!
""The amazing character animations and highly detailed levels, from rivers of molten metal to pools of reflecting water, could only be brought to life with NVIDIA’s Tegra technology.""
Paul Olsen, Studio Head, N3V Games
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