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Bane of Yoto: Episode 2

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Based on the four-time award-winning novel “The Bane of Yoto”

Following the first 3D comic episode, “Monster,” episode II explores the events leading to Yoto’s transformation and the introduction of his rebel brother, Eon, in an action-packed plot where they must battle for their very existence in a brutal, alien world.

Drawing rave reviews for its originality and vision, The Bane of Yoto embraces the digital medium and modern, mobile technology, ushering in a new comic genre defined as Dreamotion™.

The Dreamotion™ experience will take you through a riveting narrative with real-time animated art and immersive environments.

A collaborative project developed by experienced mobile game developers Leviathan Games and award-winning author, Joshua Viola (creator).


  • A soundtrack by film, TV and video game cyber-rock musician CELLDWELLER.
  • Collectible cards that unlock bonus material including music, concept art & more.
  • Award-winning writers Joshua Viola, Keith Ferrell, Nicholas Karpuk and JC Hutchins.
  • Comic book artists Steve Scott, Branden Bendert and Aaron Lovett.
""NVIDIA’s Tegra chip provides unmatched graphics horsepower, enabling the best Bane of Yoto experience available on any mobile platform.""
Wyeth Ridgway, President, Leviathan Games
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    19 December 2012